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Case, see App. 2 Sect. 2 a poss adj 1. her, its fem □ becomes a hbefore vowels □ a màthair her mother □ a h-athair her father 2. g. da to his / to its (see do) a prep of (abbr form of de – also found in the form a dh’) a part used with vns, with the force of the English ‘to’ with an infin □ thàinig e a shealltainn orm he came to see me a’ def art the □ used: 1. with nom & dat cases of fem nouns beginning with b, m, p, c and g □ a’ bhròg the shoe □ air a’ bhròig on the shoe □ a’ mhàthair the mother □ a’ bruidhinn ris a’ mhàthair talking to the mother □ a’ phìob the pipe □ anns a’ phìob in the pipe □ a’ chathair the chair □ anns a’ chathair in the chair □ a’ ghealach the moon □ air a’ ghealaich on the moon 2.

1 eadar has two separate meanings a) between – no lenition b) eadar … agus … both … and … with lenition. 0 In Fig. 8 adverbs of rest and motion also show considerable variation. 14 positions ‘north of’, ‘south of’ etc. 0 Place names containing the element ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’ or ‘West’ Ameireaga-a-Deas, Afraca-an-Ear, Afraca-an-Iar, Uibhist-a-Tuath etc. 1 four main intervening cardinal points an ear-thuath, an ear-dheas, an iar-dheas, an iar-thuath -also used in the fuller form – an àirde an ear-thuath etc.

Get out! □ a-mach leis! , I wouldn’t have anything to do with it! g. a-mach gun do ghabh e out he went … □ agus a-mach air an doras gun tug i … and out of the door she went □ a-mach air a’ mhuir gun do leum iad out into the sea they leapt The phrase a-mach air uairean na h-obrach outwith working hours carries an idea of ‘except from’ / ‘apart from’, and this can be seen in the following examples: a-mach air na h-eòlaich a bha anns a’ bhaile except for [the] aquaintances (who were) in the town □ note the use of the def art in this last (cf càirdean) □ also a-mach o except for … □ a-mach o chorra thaigh … except for a few houses a-mach air 1.

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