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By Elizabeth Chesla

The simplest how one can deal with any office challenge scenario from defining concerns, jump-starting the inventive problem-solving strategy and polishing serious pondering abilities to producing, comparing and imposing problem-solving techniques.

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What are the steps in the order-fulfillment process? • How are products shipped? • Who handles the orders once they are placed? • Who handles the shipping? Once we develop a list of questions, we can clearly see the scope of the problem, which includes not just the delivering of the product, but how the order is processed and everything in between. To develop an effective solu- BREAKING THE PROBLEM INTO ITS PARTS tion to this problem, we need to answer these and other questions that may arise in our investigation.

Napoleon Bonaparte Practice: List questions to determine the scope of the following problem: Current situation: I have to ask current customers basic information because the customer information files are almost always incomplete. Desired situation: How can we ensure that customer information files are complete? Questions: 35 36 PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR EVERYDAY WORK PROBLEMS Answers: Answers will vary. Here are some possibilities: • How is a customer file created? • Who creates it? • Where are files kept?

Describe the kind of environment in which you are most productive. 2. Get to know your optimal mental and physical state. Answer the following: a. How much sleep do you need? b. What time of the day do you work best? c. What can you do in 10 minutes or less to release stress? ATMOSPHERE AND ATTITUDE In Short Effective problem solvers approach problems with a positive attitude. They face reality, embrace challenges, trust their intuition, and practice patience. They also optimize their mental and physical state by conducting the problemsolving process in an environment that enhances their productivity and creativity.

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