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By Emma Burgess

Have you struggled to discover the French for "so you need to struggle, colossal nose?" Ever had the urge to inform a German to conceal their face prior to you vomit? Or tell an Italian that their beer tastes of piss? you will by no means be misplaced for phrases back with this ebook, with a purpose to make sure that you usually have the Arabic for "kiss my arse" and the Swedish for "nob cheese" at your fingertips.

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Italian: Avete niente di commestibile sul menu? 53 FOOD / DRINK Spanish: Tiene algo comestible en el menu? THE LITTLE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL FOREIGN INSULTS “ Where I come from, we walk the family pet … not eat it. ” 54 WHERE I COME FROM. . French: Chez moi, les animaux de compagnie on les promène, on ne les bouffe pas. German: Bei uns zu Lande nehmen wir unsere Haustiere mit spazieren … nicht als Vorspeise. Italian: Nel mio paese gli animali domestici li portiamo a spasso, non li mangiamo. 55 FOOD / DRINK Spanish: De donde yo vengo, paseamos a las mascotas … no nos las comemos.

41 100% XENOPHOBIC Se questo paese fosse il mio cercherei asilo altrove prima che tu abbia il tempo di dire “documenti falsi”. THE LITTLE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL FOREIGN INSULTS “ If you could just listen to yourself … that accent of yours is ridiculous. ” 42 IF YOU COULD JUST LISTEN. . French: Si seulement vous vous écoutiez … Votre accent est tellement ridicule. German: Hör dich doch an … dein akzent ist lächerlich. Italian: Spanish: Si te escucharas … encontrarias ridiculo tu acento. 43 100% XENOPHOBIC Se tu ti potessi sentire… Il tuo accento è veramente ridicolo.

French: Pourrai-je vous emprunter un tuyau d’arrosage? Votre pays a besoin d’un lavement. German: Kanst Du mir mal ‘nen Schlauch leihen? Dein Land hat ’ne Arschdurchspülung nötig. Italian: Spanish: Tienes alguna manguera que pueda tomar prestada? Tu pais necesita ser regado por colonialistas. 61 HEALTH & SAFETY Hai un tubo da prestare? Il vostro paese ha bisogno di un’irrigazione anale. THE LITTLE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL FOREIGN INSULTS “ So that’s what syphilis looks like. Are there any other indigenous conditions that I should know about?

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