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By Andrew S. Crines, David S. Moon, Robert Lehrman, Philip Thody

This ebook examines the oratorical and rhetorical sorts of prime determine in Democratic social gathering politics because the Nineteen Sixties. It unearths how major orators strove to attach their message with numerous audiences from the Senate to the media.

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This was not true with Roosevelt, Truman or Eisenhower. It was a partnership Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and every president since has tried to duplicate. That too is part of the JFK legacy. Speeches Consulted (Partial List) 1960 Democratic National Convention Acceptance Houston Ministerial Association Address First Kennedy–Nixon Debate Commonwealth of Massachusetts Farewell 1961 Peace Corps Announcement Inauguration Address Latin American Diplomatic Corps American Newspaper Publishers Address Joint Session of Congress: Address on Urgent Needs First United Nations Address 1962 First Anniversary: Inaugural Address Yale Commencement 4th of July Speech State of Economy Address to Nation Rice University Address on Space Cuban Missile Crisis Address to Nation Economic Club of New York Address 1963 Vanderbilt University Convocation Winston Churchill Proclamation American University Commencement Civil Rights Address to Nation Berliner Speech Irish Parliament Speech Final United Nations Address Robert Lehrman Test Ban Address to Nation Mormon Tabernacle Address Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Dallas Citizens Council (undelivered) Others President Harry S.

They spoke in public only once or twice a year. They rarely even campaigned openly for the presidency; afraid voters would think this egotistical. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson became the first president since Jefferson to deliver the State of the Union in person (Lehrman, 2011). Since then, in a century-long growth of what rhetoric scholar Jeffrey Tulis has called the ‘rhetorical presidency’, presidents expanded their role as Orator-inChief (Tulis, 1987). The process changed, too. Writing Barack Obama’s 16 The Oratory of John F.

How much did JFK influence this speech which seems to reflect his own emotion? In his memoir, Counselor (2008), Sorensen actually records how he worked on the draft, late at night. He had asked another speechwriter, Mike Feldman, to find out whether Catholics had died at the Alamo. Feldman confirmed the list of Irish and Hispanic sounding names but could not confirm they were Catholics because ‘there was no religious test’. ’, Sorensen remembers himself exclaiming (Sorensen, 2008: 163). Sorensen did not simply dream up lines for his boss to mouth.

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