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We had an agreement to be paid as each project phase was achieved; therefore, revenues were directly depending on meeting deadlines and delivering the agreed upon finished goods at each stage. Following project specifics was not my forte—it was Richard’s responsibility. I relied on his reports to bill the client. On the other hand, the client had specialized resources reviewing each production stage to ensure the company met quality standards and deadline targets. Their findings did not concord with Richard’s.

His gaskets came from the Far East and did not meet the stringent sealing constraints they were supposed to achieve. Could my company take on this challenge? Our specialty was polyurethane manufacturing. We had no experience working with silicon. However, the manufacturing processes were similar; with both involving some high-pressure injection molding. Maybe we could explore this as a growth opportunity. The potential could double our revenue base. We already had implemented a set of reasonable acceptance criteria on the basis of “good practice manufacturing of rubber-based products” that had been applied as quality standards for our manufacturing product line.

26 In 1979, Crosby published his first business book Quality Is Free. 27 i Criticism of “zero defects” frequently centers on allegations of extreme cost in meeting the target standard. Proponents say that it is an entirely reachable ideal and that claims of extreme cost result from misapplication of the principle. 28 Quality requires time and effort at the onset, which results in meeting client requirements and a proud workforce. ii ii ZD was a management-led program to eliminate defects in industrial production that enjoyed brief popularity in American industry from 1964 to the early 1970s.

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