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By Dawa Norbu

Nationalism in particular political structures mixed with a theoretical framework that attracts out its common value. Ten case reviews from South Asia, the center East, Latin the US and Europe concentrate on neighborhood cultural components.

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It manifests itself as a societal response to a situation of competition or confrontation with the generalized others. Nationalism is the resultant ideological expression of a highly organized and politicized society, with its both rational and nonrational foundations. Its non-rational aspects which provide the protein of nationalism predates the modern nation-state and without such a psychic core, nationalism would be practically inconceivable in the modern era. In short, nationalism cannot be invented by a minority; it has to be passionately felt by the majority under certain conditions.

Even in the case of pre-industrial Europe, Tipton’s anthology on nationalism in the Middle Ages (1972) questions Gellner’s 12 Culture and the politics of Third World nationalism theory. The volume documents a number of incidences of national consciousness much before the Industrial Revolution. Even in the case of Japan, the large-scale production of nationalism does not follow a straight curve with industrial development. The Japanese exhibited full-throated nationalism before Japan became a great industrial power.

In short, the nation. Even in the United Nation’s usage the term people is used interchangeably with nation. We also follow this usage. It is particularly appropriate in contexts where a collective will is attributed to the nation which has in fact become a people. 3 The stages of proto-nationalism: tribalism, ethnicity and patriotism We have defined nationalism in the previous chapter, not as popular loyalty to the state which is legalistic and Eurocentric, but as a special type of politicized social consciousness that obtains from and within society.

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