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For how long will a parasitical American capitalism be able to draw on the pool of world savings? The year 2007 should give us an answer to that question. T he US’ aggregate domestic and foreign debts (household, government and corporate) are around $41 trillion or about the size of world GDP. US government payments to foreign holders of this debt amount to $120 billion yearly. The handouts can no longer come from the coffers of Asian central banks, including the main money man China, or from the reserves of Venezuela, Russia or Iran.

The isolation of Cuba planned by the corporate-politico gulag has not materialized. In the 2006 session of the UN General Assembly there were only four countries that voted against the end of the embargo: the United States and its three satraps, Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palau. Nelson Mandela was right on target when he said in his superb tribute to the Comandante when the latter visited South Africa in the aftermath of its liberation: “We and all of the peoples of the Free World are honoured to have you here.

Like many millions, I was saddened by the affliction of Fidel Castro in July 2006. ” Although the Comandante’s recovery is now well underway, we ought not to forget that we are all biological creatures with a beginning and an end, and are but tenants on this earth. Nevertheless, the scale and scope of the Cuban revolution is incomparably larger than any individual. Inherent in the revolution is its sparkling capacity for renewal, innovation and, above all, continuity of purpose. What the US caste oligarchy fully understands, despite its persistent uproar for demolishing the socialist order, is that Cuba is now militarily secure.

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