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Programmers are now able to use integrated development environments and libraries of predefined modules to rapidly compose software systems visually [Zak98]. Recent developments such as Components [Sun97] allow developers to view their systems with a larger granularity than objects. Components may be large, for example a Request Broker consisting of hundreds of objects, or as a small as a GUI widget consisting of only a few objects. In addition, techniques such as Software Patterns [Gof93] enforce a rigid literary methodology for expressing the essence of a recurring software abstraction.

105 Table 9. 108 Table 10. 111 vii On the Structuring of Distributed Systems Contents List of Figures Figure 1. 6 Figure 2. 8 Figure 3. 12 Figure 3. 14 Figure 4. 14 Figure 5. 18 Figure 6. 24 Figure 7. 28 Figure 8. 30 Figure 9. 33 Figure 10. 34 Figure 11. 35 Figure 12. 38 Figure 13. Communcation across the network, and mobile agent migration. 45 Figure 14. Examples of the different mobile code abstractions. 47 Figure 15. 49 Figure 16. 49 Figure 17. 51 Figure 18. 75 Figure 19. L. 79 Figure 20. L.

During the 1980’s, distributed computing became a vital aspect of many computer systems. In the early 2000’s, we are beginning to see the emergence of ubiquitous computing: characterised as a massive heterogeneous “sea” of disparate computational devices, with varying connection bandwidths and an ever-changing topology of connections [Weiser91]. This chapter examines the emergence of distribution and discusses the path of its evolution. In examining today’s distribution mechanisms we show that the fundamental abstraction in these systems is one of location transparency.

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