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By Sharon, M.

The squeezes of the Arabic inscriptions accumulated via Max van Berchem within the center East are offered right here in a scientific approach followed by way of their stories and pictures. this can be the 1st of confidently volumes with a view to conceal the entire latest squeezes within the information, representing many inscriptions which do not exist.

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On the northeast we come to another gate, called B§b #Asqal§n, different than the first gate in this list and 300m. away, but bearing the same name. The four quarters of the city are as follows: in the northeast (generally, north): \§rat (or \ayy) at-Tuff§È (the “Apple Quarter”). ” The Southern part of this quarter is called a·-4abb§ghah (not aß-‘abb§ghah)—the tanners’ neighbourhood situated in the area of the slaughter house during the Ottoman period. a·-4abb§ghah was a rather small neighbourhood that, according to the Ottoman TaÈrÊr register from 932/1525, reflecting the situation at the end of the Mamlåk period, contained 57 households.

Thus we have in the register for the year 932/152526, in addition to the numbers of households and religious functionaries in each of the major quarters of Gaza, a separate registration of the Christians, the Copts, the peasants who had been organized as a separate community, the Samaritans (25 households) and the Jews (95 households). In the following registers for the years 945/1538-39, 955/1548-49; 964/1556-57; 1005/1596 there are even more details about the rich variety of the inhabitants of Gaza in which the Jewish community and the Samaritans were carefully recorded (Cohen-Lewis, 1978: 120ff ).

It should be noted that the archivolt has a vertical joint in the middle, whereas the inner arches have keystones. All the component parts of this doorway are of marble, as well as the lintel which rests, in the tympanum, on the abacus. 388) GAZA (GHAZZAH) 33 Examining the lintel from the interior, Clermont-Ganneau could ascertain that ancient material was used in the building, since the lintel had been an ancient column. This is not surprising, taking into consideration the glorious past of the Hellenistic city with its many temples, the buried ruins of which were a source of building material for centuries after they had been demolished.

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