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By Luciana N. Momigliano

A set of essays via a psychoanalyst who practices in a rustic whose language isn't really common to nearly all of readers within the Anglo-Saxon global is to be heartily welcomed-all the extra so while the writer is as skilled and worldly os Dr. Nissin Momigliano who got here into psychoanalysis within the aftermath of the reorganization within the aftermath of the second one international War.. She has endured to develope her personal principles relatively at the problems with approach and perform. during this quantity she proposes to inform readers approximately her personal means of operating focusing on the environment within which analysts and sufferers paintings, and the educating of these who desire to find out about the strategy Adam limentani

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For some reason he replied, almost by return of post, that he would, and I spent a couple of years in Vienna . . It is perhaps worth adding that the words Tor some reason* may have been an allusion to the help he had received from Jones, who had also written to Freud, on 7 May 1920, asking if there was any hope that he might be able to accept for analysis a certain Mr. James Strachey. According to Clark (1980), Jones had introduced the prospective analysand i n the following terms: . . He is a man of thirty, well educated and of a well­ known literary family.

I While the separation between the part of the hous e containing the consultin g room a n d the family quarters w a s carefully maintaine d i n V i e n n a , there was , of course, less separation at these other locations; the patients describe how, every so often, they met F r a u F r e u d i n the garden knitting or shelling beans ; a s sh e w a s v e i y reserved, s h e seemed, if anything , to be embarr a s s e d by the situation. D u r i n g the 1890s, patients h a d often been invited to dinner at the F r e u d s ' apartment, b u t now social contacts with the F r e u d family were reduce d to a m i n i m u m , as J o n e s also s a y s i n h i s biography.

With kind regards, Yours truly, Freud There is another anecdote, which we also owe to Kardiner. Already during the preliminary interview, Freud asked h i m whether he could talk briefly about himself and told h i m that he had the following problem: he had committed himself to accepting not only Kardiner b u t five other people as well (four Americans and one Swiss), who had gone to a great deal of trouble to come to Vienna; then he found that he had only 30 hours. He therefore suggested that one of them should go to Abraham, Rank, or Ferenczi; however, none of them wished to have anything to do w i t h this solution, and so Freud said he would talk to his wife and his daughter Anna about i t , as they were avowedly against his working an extra hour per day.

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