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A full of life, obtainable examine how the colonial guidelines and practices of some eu nations within the nineteenth century have had any such profound influence at the 21st.A compact obtainable advisor to the intricacies of colonialism within the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and its impression at the future.Provides a clean interpretation of arguable events.engages with an open brain the argument that colonialism sped up modernization and development.Includes an attractive dialogue of the connection among today’s “humanitarian intervention” as apposed to the normal colonialist ides of “the civilizing mission”.

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From this specific injustice, Hobson argued, it was possible to glimpse the underlying dynamics of contemporary colonialism as a whole. QXP 21/5/07 11:50 Page 29 ··· THE ‘NEW IMPERIALISM’ ··· senses, he pointed out, imperialism did not make good political sense. As a national policy it was expensive and troublesome. Its economic returns to the nation were less than the outlay of state resources necessary to acquire and hold overseas possessions. The driving force, therefore, was not the national interest in any conventional sense, but the demands of national economies which had been distorted by the process of rapid industrialization.

The maximum resource had to be extracted from colonial possessions. This could then be converted into bullion which, the mercantilists argued, was the only true measure of a nation’s wealth. QXP 21/5/07 11:31 Page 17 ··· EUROPEAN COLONIALISM BEFORE THE ‘NEW IMPERIALISM’ ··· mizing colonial productivity for conversion into gold and silver. But the national wealth accrued in this way had to be protected from competition. In England one mechanism for this was the Navigation Acts of 1651 and 1663 which restricted the transport and trade of colonial produce to English vessels.

Spanish colonization moved outwards from the initial landing points of Columbus in the Caribbean. In the first half of the fifteenth century Cuba and the island of Hispaniola (today composed of Haiti and the Dominican Republic) were colonized. Attention then shifted to the adjacent part of the continental landmass with the conquest of Panama and Mexico. From Central America the mythic riches of the southern part of the continent beckoned. QXP 21/5/07 11:31 Page 6 ··· COLONIALISM ··· consequence of this Spanish avarice was the destruction of longestablished and hitherto stable indigenous societies among which the Aztecs of Mexico and the Incas of Peru are the best known.

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