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By Isa Zymberi

"Colloquial Albanian" provides a advent to a little-known language, including history info at the Albanian humans and their tradition. No past wisdom of the language is critical, and the path has been designed for self-study. every one lesson includes conversations and texts in accordance with daily occasions, and the vocabulary is outfitted up steadily from this fabric. All grammar utilized in the teachings is absolutely defined, and supplemented via transparent grammatical tables for simple reference. development could be established on the finish of every lesson by means of finishing the various workouts. An workout key, a two-way word list of over 2000 phrases and a supplementary examining element of extracts from Albanian literature, are all beneficial properties which give a contribution to the course's self-sufficiency. The textual content is followed via a cassette and a pronunciation advisor. All dialogues are spoken via local Albanians.

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I’m from Poros (island). [íme apó] [tin pátra]. ȵʀʅɲɿ ɲʋʊ ʏɻʆ Ʌɳʏʌɲ. I’m from Patras (city). [íme apó] [to náfplio]. ȵʀʅɲɿ ɲʋʊ ʏʉ Ɂɲʑʋʄɿʉ. I’m from Nafplio (town). [ton] ʏʉʆ (m/sing) [tin] ʏɻʆ (f/sing) [to] ʏʉ (n/sing) If you add the [s] from [se] at the beginning of these words you can use them with the word [méno] I live. Some examples: [méno] [ston póro]. [méno] [stin pátra]. [méno] [sto náfplio]. ɀɹʆʘ ʍʏʉʆ Ʌʊʌʉ. ɀɹʆʘ ʍʏɻʆ Ʌɳʏʌɲ. ɀɹʆʘ ʍʏʉ Ɂɲʑʋʄɿʉ. I live in Poros. I live in Patras.

Why are you here? I’m waiting for two friends from London. Ⱦɲʄɻʅɹʌɲ, ȱɶɶɸʄɸ! ȳɸɿɲ ʍʉʐ, ȱʆʆɲ. Ɉɿ ʃɳʆɸɿʎ; ȵʀʅɲɿ ʃɲʄɳ. ȵʍʑ; Ⱦɲʄɳ, ʋʉʄʑ ʃɲʄɳ. ȳɿɲʏʀ ɸʀʍɲɿ ɸɷʙ; Ʌɸʌɿʅɹʆʘ ɷʑʉ ʕʀʄʉʐʎ ɲʋʊ ʏʉ ȿʉʆɷʀʆʉ. [sto] [aeroTHrómio] [kaliméra] [yiásoo] [ti] [ti kánis]? [íme] [kalá] [esí]? [eTHó] [polí] [polí kalá] [yiatí]? [íse]? [periméno] ʍʏʉ ɲɸʌʉɷʌʊʅɿʉ ʃɲʄɻʅɹʌɲ ɶɸɿɲ ʍʉʐ ʏɿ ʏɿ ʃɳʆɸɿʎ; ɸʀʅɲɿ ʃɲʄɳ ȵʍʑ; ɸɷʙ ʋʉʄʑ ʋʉʄʑ ʃɲʄɳ ɶɿɲʏʀ; ɸʀʍɲɿ; ʋɸʌɿʅɹʆʘ at the airport (n) good morning hi / hello what/how how are you? I am OK, all right, well You?

If you have fewer than ten, please revise the vocabulary of this unit once again! You’ll find the answers to Practice makes perfect and Test yourself in the Key to the exercises at the end of the book. If most of your answers are correct, you are ready to move on to Unit 2. If most of your answers were incorrect or you found the exercises and the last Test difficult, spend more time revising this unit. 16 2 ɀɿʄɳʏɸ ȵʄʄɻʆɿʃɳ; Do you speak Greek? In this unit you will learn • How to ask about what languages people speak • How to say what languages you speak • How to ask and say where people come from • The names of some cities and countries Before you start 1 Revise Unit 1.

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