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Providing support Open and flexible learning allows trainees to work independently. Although this has many benefits it does mean that the trainees will require regular support and guidance while they are working through the programme. Support will be required at the following times: To be effective, open and flexible learning must be supported. ■ before starting the course This will ensure that the trainees are aware of what open learning is and will have thought through issues such as when and where study will take place.

4 Find a cup and saucer or mug, as preferred. 5 Obtain the resources required. These will include one or more of the following – milk, sugar, lemon, tea. 6 When the kettle is boiling, empty the teapot. 7 Put the tea into the teapot. 8 Switch the kettle off and pour the boiling water into the teapot. Session B 9 Allow the tea to stand for three minutes. 10 Add the milk, sugar, lemon and tea to the cup or mug in the quantities and order required. Surprisingly, this is a very difficult exercise to get right first time around.

Why is it so important to make the objectives of the training clear at the outset? 20 Session B Why should you go into explanations of how the new skills and knowledge will be of benefit? ■ ■ ■ A personal friendly relationship between you and the trainees will help them to relax and feel less nervous. It will help you to draw out the best from them as people usually give of their best in a relaxed atmosphere. Making training objectives clear at the outset helps because people like to know what they are supposed to be aiming at.

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