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By Amintore Fanfani

This vintage paintings is an exhaustive philosophical, historic, and spiritual examine the connection among Catholic and Protestant spiritual doctrine and either the ancient and ideological development of capitalism. beginning with a definition of capitalism, Fanfani examines how that definition squares with Catholic and Protestant educating. He then appears on the old improvement of the capitalistic approach or mentality, and examines the expansion of the frame of mind traditionally in gentle of either the Protestant and Catholic doctrine on fiscal lifestyles. this article will be of curiosity to all scholars of financial idea, philosophy, and Catholic or Christian reports.

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10 11 35 catholicism, protestantism, and capitalism (which it can’t), but that it eats away at the very moral foundations of society that are necessary to keep the market in its place and thus allow it to flourish. In the world in which we live in, where market failures are the norm and perfect competition is the exception, we need to look elsewhere for guidance regarding the type of economy and society that we want to produce. Catholic social thought offers that guidance, based on the premise that using the Gospels and the 2000-year-old Catholic intellectual tradition to set our goals, we can mold existing institutions and resources to protect human dignity and promote the Common Good.

9 The Success of the Work It is obviously impossible within the scope of this discussion to render a thorough account of the “success” of Catholicism, Protestantism and Capitalism. ” Above all, the work has drawn attention to the need to widen and develop the study of primary sources, especially those dealing with Tuscany, which, since then – thanks partially to Fanfani’s work (and to Toniolo’s before him) – has become a precious and fertile field for historical research. 10 Though it is almost universally recognized that Fanifani opened new avenues of research into the origins of the “capitalistic spirit,” there is the 1934 work is Fanfani’s later Colloqui sui Poveri (Conversations with the Poor) (Vita e Pensiero, Milan, 1942), in which he continues the line of study of his early period from another perspective.

For them society is a mental fiction. The extreme version of the rational-economic-man anthropology which plays such an important role in neoclassical economics, and which Christians must reject, comes from Carl Menger, the founder of Austrian economics. For the Austrian economist, market outcomes are by definition moral and ethical, for the market is the only standard that counts. I cannot think of a branch of economics that is more incompatible with Christianity than Austrian economics, and I include Marxism in my assessment.

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