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By M. Palkovits, M. J. Brownstein (auth.), U. Trendelenburg, N. Weiner (eds.)

Catecholamines are vital transmitter ingredients within the autonomic and relevant anxious platforms. those volumes supply a finished presentation of the cutting-edge of catecholamine learn and improvement long ago 15 years. The volumes current in-depth experiences of topical components of catecholamine examine during which gigantic growth has been made and that are of present curiosity to numerous theoretical and medical disciplines. each one subject has been handled by means of a longtime specialist. scientific topics of proper significance are integrated. Catecholamines are of curiosity in pharmacology, body structure, biochemistry, in addition to in neurology, psychiatry, inner medication (cardiology, high blood pressure, asthma), ophthalmology and anesthesiology.

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Ventromedial nucl.. dorsomedial nucl. perifomical nucl. dorsal premamillary nucl. ventral premarnillary nucl. posterior nucl. medial forebrain bundle Mamillary Body medial nucl. lateral nucl. Mesencephalon dorsal raphe nucl. cent. sup. (midbrain raphe) nuclei lineares Pons raphe pontis locus coeruleus A7-cell groups A5-cell groups Cerebellum Medulla lat. ret. nucl. (AI cell group) raphe magnus raphe obscurus raphe pallidus nucl. solit. 0 M. PALKOVITS and J. BROWNSTEIN 14 Table 4 (continued) TH DBH nmol/mg protein/h dorsal vagal nucl.

Bulbospinal ventral funispinal cord NA-system culus lateral funiculus B. long. hypothalamus ventricular fasc. tract + + + ++ + + + + 1,2 2 3 +-++ 1,2,4, S EE]) + 4 2S-S0% SO-7S % decrease of NA levels or DBH activity (circled) MFB - medial forebrain bundle; NIST - bed nucleus of stria terminalis; VB - ventral noradrenergic bundle. References: 1 - SPECIALE et al. (1978); 2 - O'DONOHUE et al. (1979); 3 - FALLON et al. (1978); 4 - PALKOVITS et al. (1980b); S - KIZER et al. (1976c). ++ = = 20 M. PALKOVITS and J.

1976); 8 - van der GUGTEN et al. - PALKOVITS et al. (1980b); 10 - COMMISSIONG et al. (1978). + = 25-50 % decrease from control NA or DBH (circled levels) + + = 50-75 % decrease + + + = > 75 % decrease Cerebellar NA-pathway dorsal tegm. tract rostral MFB cingulum Dorsal periventricular dorsal long. fascicle tract Dorsal NA-bundle Pathways Table 7. Biochemical studies on the neuronal projections of the locus coeruleus and neighboring noradrenergic cell groups ...... z i~ ;-< I:t:! 0.. §'" ~~ ~ 00 Catecholamines in the Central Nervous System 19 brain and pontine projections of the locus coeruleus have been demonstrated by both histofluorescence and biochemical microassays.

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