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Measures of CD-R Longevity. html. _____. 2002. Why CD-Rs Fail. Medialine (October). html. _____. 2002. S. Mail. Medialine (July). html. High-Tech Productions. No date. S. Mail. High-Tech Productions to conduct Media Testing with Titan. htm. Hirota, Kusato, and Gentaro Ohbayashi. 1997. Reliability of the Phase Change Optical Disc. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part I 36(10): 6398–6402. Imation, 2002. Handle with Care: Making Your CD-R & CD-RW Media Last. pdf. 39 40 Fred R. Byers International Organization for Standardization.

The bits (data) are stored sequentially on a continuous spiral track starting from near the center of the disc and going to the outer edge. original: The first representation or generation of specific content or an object. organic dye (dye polymer): A photosensitive organic chemical located between the polycarbonate substrate and metal layers and comprising the data layer of a recordable CD or DVD. The dye darkens when exposed to intense light (laser) of a particular wavelength. Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs—A Guide for Librarians and Archivists oxide-dull: The less reflective state of a metal caused by oxidation.

2003 (March 27). Storage: CD ROM. htm. _____. 2003 (March 27). Storage: CD-Recordable/CD-Rewritable. htm. _____. 2003 (March 27). Storage: DVD. htm. Pioneer Electronics Service, Inc. No date. CD Care and Information. Doc No. 14038. pdf. Pohlmann, Ken. 1992. The Compact Disc Handbook, 2nd ed. : A-R Editions. Saffady, William. 1997. Stability, Care, and Handling of Microfilms, Magnetic Media and Optical Disks. Library Technology Reports 33(6): 709. St. Laurent, Gilles. 1996. The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials.

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