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As Marx went on to point out in the third volume of Capital, such a depiction of the role of commodities as naturally occurring things 'corresponds to the interests of the ruling classes by proclaiming the physical necessity and eternal justification of their sources of revenue and elevating them to a dogma' (Marx, 1894 [1959]: 830). The commodification of things into forms of property removes them from the sphere of social interactions, and places them in the realm of marketised interactions where they can be bought and sold with little reference to their production (or the interests of their direct producers).

24, no. 4, pp. 30-54· Mute (2005) 'The Precarious Issue', no. 29. entityType=HTML&id=756> . Nelson, C. (2003) 'Moving river barges: Labor activism and academic organizations' in B. Johnson, P. Kavanagh & K. ) Steal This University: The Rise of the Corporate University and the Academic Labor Movement (Routledge) pp. 189-206. Ovetz, R. (1996) 'Turning resistance into rebellion: Student struggles and the entrepreneurialization of the universities' in Capital & Class, no. 58, pp. 113-152. Reimer, E.

8. 9. 10. Caffentzis (1975) discusses 'the universities in [that] crisis' . See Harvie (2005) for a more general reformulation of the productive-unproductive labour distinction. Unlike most commodities within the 'general class', labour power is never 'finally' produced. Rather, it is constantly reproduced (or not) within each human being. uk>. Marginson (2002) discusses this in the context ofAustralian universities, and presents quantitative evidence. The mean mark measures the average quantity of work the lecturer imposes, while the standard deviation of marks measures his or her relative contribution to the hierarchising of students.

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