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By Jon Anton, Jodie Monger, Debra Sue Perkins

Designed to supply new specialist callcenter managers with a strategy for coping with their callcenter in an simply understood, step-by-step demeanour. Softcover.

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4. Work with supervisors to identify remedial training needs. 5. Employees can listen to each other's calls to discover ways (best practices) to maintain the targeted range. Information Technology Manager 1. Ensure that technology is delivering accurate/timely information. Telecommunications Manager 1. Ensure that the switch technology is not creating transfer issues. Other Departments 1. Internal department-to-department communications may have failed. For example, if Marketing is running a new promotional program, the callcenter may not readily know how to respond to customer questions.

Page viii Dr. Debra Perkins, a researcher with Customer Relationship Metrics, has taught at six universities, including Purdue University in the School of Consumer Sciences and Retailing. She has published twenty-six articles on customer satisfaction and callcenter measurement issues, and she contributed to Listening to the Voice of the Customer. Dr. Perkins received her doctorate in business administration from Indiana University, her master's degree from the University of Nebraska, and her bachelor's degree from the University of Southern Indiana.

Customer loyalty is even more important in volatile industries such as financial services, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and computers. Defining Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) So what is the real value of a customer? It is the lifetime value realized from the revenue stream that each customer brings to the company. That is, most customers change vendors infrequently, and many stay for years with the same firm. When a customer is gained or saved through customer service, it is not only the revenues generated in one month or one year that are the value to the company; rather it is the present value of the future stream of revenues generated from that customer for as long as the customer remains loyal.

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