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By Saron Keeley

Bankruptcy 1: the fundamentals of Algebra
Chapter 2: Rational and Irrational Numbers.
Chapter three: Two-Dimensional Figures.
Chapter four: Linear Functions.
Chapter five: Powers.
Chapter 6: the fundamentals of Statistics.
Chapter 7: third-dimensional Geometry.
Chapter eight: Percents, Rounding, and Accuracy.

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Write an equation using this information. Round Up The equals sign in an equation is very important — it tells you that both sides of the equation have exactly the same value. In the next Lesson you’ll see how to solve an equation that you’ve written. 3 Solving One-Ste p Equa tions One-Step Equations CA Standard California Standards: covered: Solving an equation containing a variable means finding the value of the variable. It’s all about changing the equation around to get the variable on its own.

Guided Practice Key words: • relevant • irrelevant • unit In Exercises 1–4 say what piece of information is missing that you need to solve the problem. 1. Samantha is 20 inches taller than half Adam’s height. How tall is Samantha? 2. A coffee bar charges $2 for a smoothie. Sol buys a smoothie and a juice. How much is his check? 3. Erin has $36 and is going to save a further $12 a week. How many weeks will it take her to save enough for a camera? 4. A box contains 11 large tins and 17 small tins.

The circle shows the point on the number line where the solution to the inequality starts. -2 -1 0 1 2 The shading stretches away to infinity in the direction of the arrow. This is showing that c can be any number that’s greater than 1. 3 Here the circle is empty (open), because 1 is not included in the solution. Don’t forget: It’s important to remember that there are an infinite amount of decimal numbers between each labeled point in the solution set. All of these are solutions too. The number line below shows the solution of the inequality y £ 2.

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