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Laurel stopped scratching. “Smells? You know, smells like Chinese food or gasoline or things like that. Any strong smells. And loud noises – those really freak me out! Like in crowds when people start clapping. Oooh…” Daisy shuddered and took a deep breath. ” Daisy twiddled with the figures hanging on her bracelet. ” Laurel rolled over and gently tugged Buster onto her stomach. “But lots of people get lost or like matching clothes. That’s not so different. ” Daisy was quiet for a moment. “Well, probably the main thing about autism is that it makes it hard to be with other people.

Yes, they are,” Daisy insisted. “I think. ” She pushed her hair off her sweaty face. ” She took a deep breath and forced herself to look right into his eyes. “They are my only friends. ” Daisy sniffled. “Marissa used to be nicer. She’s the good one. ” Daisy tried to get things straight. Her voice got louder. “I’m the bad one. ” 34 “Daisy, you are a wonderful person. ” “How can I be a wonderful person? ” Daisy shouted. ” He tried to comfort her, but Daisy was very upset. “You’re confusing me,” she cried.

That’s a hit and run! ” Cody disappeared around a corner. ” Daisy muttered as she limped away. “People are so strange, Buster. Even Laurel. ” She stopped and frowned. ” Daisy carried Buster out to the lawn and put him down. She stroked him, but he was in a rowdy mood and didn’t hold still for long. He scampered around the lawn and leaped over a low-growing hedge. In a minute he was next to Daisy again. “Buster, you are such an athletic bunny,” Daisy told him as he stretched out in the shade. “And you’re smart.

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