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By A.G. Pinus

During the previous few a long time the information, tools, and result of the speculation of Boolean algebras have performed an expanding position in a variety of branches of arithmetic and cybernetics.
This monograph is dedicated to the basics of the idea of Boolean buildings in common algebra. additionally thought of are the issues of providing assorted forms of common algebra with those structures, and functions for investigating the spectra and skeletons of types of common algebras.
For researchers whose paintings includes common algebra and common sense.

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It should be noted that the choice of definitions and theorems of the present section was prompted not by the desire to make a complete survey of the theory of universal algebras, but by the requirements of the material to be further discussed in this work. For instance, the theory of clones and many other interesting and developing fields of the theory of universal algebras have not been discussed here. Priorities. As has been pointed out earlier in this section, the proofs of the CHAPTER 1 57 cited results can be found in the monographs listed there.

Xn) then M(1I with the model 11, and for any al, ... 19. By nt~ we will mean the following class of the models 11 : 25 CHAPTER 1 (a) a basic set of the model 11 is a certain family of sequences of ordinals whisch are either finite or of a length w such that all initial segments of this sequence enter JI with every such sequence belonging to 11 ; (b) the predicates lW:S. w)' are defined on {s s s 11 in the following way: ~ = E11 I/(S) = i}; < y iff = yl/(S); <1 = ={,SIl ,SIl E11,a IS, vE11 ,Sli = vii}; the constant <> coincides with an empty sequence.

Any countable commutative semigroup is isomorphically embeddable into < JBtko; x>, which is a countable Cartesian skeleton of a variety of Boolean algebras. For an algebraic description of a countable Cartesian skeleton of a variety of Boolean algebras a number of definitions will be required. 39. (a) A commutative monoid < M; ',1> is called canonical if the equality xy = 1 yields the equalities x = Y = 1. (b) A general refinement of the sequences < xi,l i ~ n >< Yjlj ~ m> of the elements of a commutative monoid with the property Xi = Yj is a sequence n n isn < r;}i ~ n,j ~ m> such that for any jsm i ~ n,j ~ m (c) The monoid < M;;l > is called a refinement monoid if it is canonical and any sequences of the elements of M < Xiii ~ n >, < Yjlj :s m> with the property Xi = Yj have a general refinement.

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