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By Arthur Plotnik

A veritable "tko of terminology," Better Than Great is the fundamental advisor for describing the intense — the should have reference for somebody wishing to upward push above drained superlatives.

Deft compliment encourages others to think as we do, proportion our enthusiasms. It rewards deserving gadgets of admiration. It persuades humans to take yes activities. It sells things.

Sadly, during this "age of awesome," our phrases and words of acclaim are exhausted, all yet impotent. nevertheless, we discover ourselves defaulting to such recurring offerings pretty much as good, nice, and fabulous, or alternative the weary synonyms that tuble our of a word list — excellent, incredible, amazing, and so forth. The piling on of intensifers similar to the now-silly "super," purely makes concerns worse and unfavourable modifiers render our universal parlance approximately tragic. until eventually now.

Arthur Plotnik, the wunderkind of word-wonks is, with no mincing, proffering a good knit wellspring of beneficial and wondrous phrases to rescue our worn-down utilization. Plotnik is either hella AND hecka as much as the duty of rescuing the English language and gives readers the opportunity to by no means be at a loss for words!

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