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By Helga Hilmisdottir, Jacek Kozlowski

This identify features a publication and a pair of CDs. A small volcanic island simply south of the Arctic Circle, lceland is a spot of fierce normal attractiveness and warmly hospitable humans. Glaciers and fjords punctuate the sea coast whereas geysers, waterfalls and scorching springs dot the inner, harnessed by means of Icelanders to supply geothermal and hydropower power. The island itself consists basically of basalt, or cooled lava. Icelandic keeps historic features that this present day were misplaced via such a lot Western eu languages. A North Germanic language relating to Faroese, it really is grammatically corresponding to Latin or old Greek, yet is so much heavily associated with outdated Norse. Written Icelandic has replaced little or no because the thirteenth century. Icelanders take the upkeep in their language very heavily, and are immensely pleased with the truth that the 800-year previous sagas can nonetheless be learn at the present time. "Beginner's Icelandic" comprises 14 classes established to assist the scholar traveler achieve ease and familiarity with this noble language. The dialogues persist with various functional events comparable to purchasing, transportation, discussing the elements, consuming in eating places, and renting a automobile or a room, whereas construction at the grammar, vocabulary and words discovered in past workouts. The audio CDs stick with the dialogues at the web page, in order that the scholar merits from seeing the script whereas at the same time listening to the pronunciation. A thesaurus of phrases and colloquialisms rounds out this awesome creation to a special language.

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M. fine frá prep, from frábært adj. neu. great gaman n. neu. fun að ganga v3 (ég geng) walk, go (I walk) gengur v3 (3rdpers. , see ad ganga) he walks gott adj. neu. good ad heita v2 to be called hér adv. here hvað pron. what hvaðan adv. where ... from hvernig pron. how Lesson One islenska n. f Icelandic já interj. yes jæja interj. well! okay! kannski adv. maybe ad kenna v2 to teach kennari n. m. teacher kynnast v2 st-form to get to know, to meet leikari n. m. actor lika adv. also að læra v2 to study, to learn nám n.

Jeremy: Kaffi takk. Gunnar: Viltu mjólk eða sykur? Jeremy: Nei takk, bara svart og sykurlaust. Gunnar: Gjörðu svo vel. Hrafnhildur: Hér er svo appelsinusafi ef þú vilt. Jeremy: Takk. Gunnar: Og svo er hér brauð, smjör og álegg. Hér er til dæmis íslenskur ostui og hangikjöt. Jeremy: Hrafnhildur: Gunnar: Jeremy: Hrafnhildur: Hangikjöt? Hvað er það? Hangikjöt er reykt lambakjöt. Það er mjög gott! Smakkaðu! Mmm. Já, þetta er mjög gott. Þetta er lika alveg rosalega gott brauð. Já, ég fór í bakarí í morgun.

But do you want some more coffee? Yes, thank you. Just a bit. 38 B e g in n e r ’ s I c e l a n d ic Orðaforði - Vocabulary alveg adv. totally appelsinusafi n. m. orange juice ábót n. f. seconds, a second helping ágætt adj. neu. fine álegg n. neu. things to put on bread að bjóða v3 (ég býð) to invite, to offer (I invite) brauð n. neu. bread diskur n. m. plate dropi n. m. drop ef conj. if ad fara v4 (ég fer) to go fáðu v. imp. have! for v4 (past, see að fara) went glas n. neu. glass hangikjöt n.

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