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By Arang Keshavarzian

The Tehran Bazaar has continually been imperative to the Iranian economic system and certainly, to the Iranian city adventure. Arang Keshavarzian's attention-grabbing booklet compares the economics and politics of less than the Pahlavis, who sought to undermine it within the force for modernisation and below the next innovative regime, which got here to strength with a mandate to maintain the bazaar as an 'Islamic' establishment. the results in their respective guidelines have been thoroughly at odds with their intentions. regardless of the Shah's adversarial procedure, the bazaar flourished less than his rule and maintained its organisational autonomy to such an volume that it performed an fundamental function within the Islamic revolution. Conversely, the Islamic Republic carried out rules that unwittingly reworked the ways that the bazaar operated, therefore undermining its capability for political mobilisation. Arang Keshavarizian's publication provides strange insights into the politics, economics and society of Iran throughout 4 a long time.

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Institutions as ‘‘congealed tastes’’ is Riker’s term. William H. Riker, ‘‘Implications from Disequilibrium of Majority Rule for the Study of Institutions,’’ American Political Science Review 74 (June 1980), 445. 6 Illustration of the argument develops between state institutions and existing norms and informal practices, the resolution of which sets the parameters for networks that are intended to avoid, acquiesce in, or abuse state regulation. I will demonstrate that the Pahlavi regime’s high modernist transformative project resulted in the bazaars being ignored by the state and that there was little attempt by the state to incorporate the Bazaar or directly engage the institutions that reproduced its economic and political autonomy and power for it was assumed it would simply pass away with modernization.

3. The puzzle of the Tehran Bazaar under two regimes 27 between these two eras is marked by a well-defined dislocation – the Islamic Revolution. Researchers, nonetheless, have not followed this periodization in their analyses of Iran. In its place, much ink has been spilt to debate the causes of the Shah’s downfall, the political forces involved in bringing to power the Islamic Republic, or the consequences of policies since 1979. 58 Social scientists in Iran have probably shied away from this topic because of its political implications and their colleagues outside Iran tend to eschew this approach because of inconsistent and incomplete time series data, difficulties in conducting field research in Iran, and generational and political divisions among Iran experts.

Sewell, ‘‘Space in Contentious Politics,’’ in Silence and Voice in the Study of Contentious Politics, ed. Ronald R. Aminzade et al. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001). Bayat, Street Politics, pp. 15–19. 22 Bazaar and State in Iran In addition, I examine the hand-woven carpet, tea, and china and glassware sectors47 within the Tehran Bazaar to illustrate that the process was mediated by the qualities of commodities traded (standardized versus nonstandardized commodities) and the specific state institutions that pertained to each sector.

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