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By Zoeb Hussian, Zulkifly Abdullah, Zanial Alimuddin

Following a concise evaluation of fluid mechanics trained by means of a variety of engineering purposes and examples, this reference offers and analyzes significant kinds of fluid equipment and the foremost sessions of generators, in addition to pump expertise. It bargains pros and scholars in hydraulic engineering with historical past suggestions in addition to functional insurance of contemporary turbine applied sciences, absolutely explaining the benefits of either steam and gasoline generators. Description, layout, and operational details for the Pelton, Francis, Propeller, and Kaplan generators are supplied, as are outlines of assorted sorts of energy vegetation. It offers solved examples, bankruptcy difficulties, and a radical case study.

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All the terms of Bernoulli equation is measured in meters. Therefore the const is total head in meters denoted by H along a streamline, but the constant may be different for different streamlines, eq. 17 is rewritten as P y2 - +z=H y 2g ..... 18) Note: the assumption made in deriving the Bernoullis equation inviscid flow - steady flow constant density - flow along a streamline The Bernoullis equation cannot be used in following cases of fluid flow. 9 Application of Bernoullis Equation (a) Aerofoils (b) Automobile (c) Freejet (d) Pump (e) Turbine (f) Yenturimeter Writing Bernou II is equation p y2 - + - + z = const y 2g In a differential form when there is no difference in elevation it is dp - y Ydv + - - =0 g dp -=-y dY p .....

27. Determine the power gene~ated by the turbine. 197 m Fig. 35 m. S X 10-3 and sp. 0 and that the pressure at the beginning of artery is equal to 120 mm ofHg. 2 mis, determine Reynold's number and pressure at the end of the artery if it is oriented (a) horizontal (b) vertically up (flow upwards). 81/min.

1 ) Rate of momentum across the boundary CD is mass flow rate times the velocity P2 A2 V2 · V2 Rate of momentum across the boundary AB is mass flow rate times the velocity PI AI VI' VI Rate of change of momentum across the control volume ABeD P2 A2 V 2·V 2- PI AI VI' VI From the continuity of mass flow equation PIAIVI'(V2-VI)= m (V 2 -V I) Thus rate of change of momentum is ~ (V2 - VI) According to Newton's law it is caused by a force, such as ..... 2) 26 Basic Fluids Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Note: Here the velocities have been assumed to be in straight line.

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