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These fantasies can be inferred and interpreted on the basis of the transferences that analysands construct to cope with their extreme shame in the analytic situation. Although mention will be made of contemporary Freud­ ian and self psychological approaches to shame, no de­ tailed reviews, comparisons, or critiques will be attempted 37 BAD F E E L I N G S here. In some places, however, m y d i s c u s s i o n will overlap or s h o w the influence of these other a p p r o a c h e s . GISTRASXSM ©HATH H u m i l i a t i o n a n d mortification frequently involve u n c o n ­ scious fantasies of disgrace a n d ostracism.

F o r example, c o n ­ fronted b y this m a z e of idealization, projective identifica­ tions, affectlessness, a n d subtle reversal of passivity to activity, I w o u l d sometimes find it difficult i n d e e d to m a i n ­ t a i n patience w h e n seeking to w o r k out interventions that w o u l d g a i n access to T e d ' s p s y c h i c retreat. B u t b e n e a t h these two layers there seemed to lie a t h i r d layer of h o p e f u l n e s s . T h i s layer c o u l d be inferred from T e d ' s h a v i n g come to a n a l y s i s o n h i s own, seeking relief from feelings of d e p r e s s i o n a n d loneliness as well as ex­ 28 DISAPPOINTMENT AND DISAPPOINTEDNESS p r e s s i n g a fading hope that he m i g h t j u s t develop a lasting, p l e a s u r a b l e r e l a t i o n s h i p w i t h a w o m a n a n d enjoy h a v i n g a family of h i s own.

H e found it painful a n d guilt provoking to say anything at all about his parents. E v e n to describe t h e m was regarded as criticizing them. " T h u s , the analyst's ex­ pressions of interest i n Ted's developmental history were most unwelcome, a n d for a long time any interventions de­ signed simply to clarify the distinction between h i s objectify­ ing his parents a n d his attacking t h e m proved to be futile. F o r h i m , it was a step toward recognizing how disappoint­ ing they h a d been a n d h i s reactive rage a n d d e p r e s s i o n .

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