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By A. Munro-Kua

Socio-economic and political matters are handled selectively inside of a chronological old framework, protecting the dramatic colonial effect of 1940-60 until eventually the current day. The nation is tested from the viewpoint of social classification in addition to communalism, to give an explanation for the dominance of the ruling coalition over the 37 years for the reason that independence. the writer argues that authoritarian-populism is the concept most closely fits the plain paradox of a permanent regime through the poll field, and the wide regulations at the scope of democracy, rather in the course of the repressive equipment of detention with no trial. The underlying topic is a critique and rationalization of Malaysia's human rights checklist.

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In this sense, it can be argued that the Malay leaders were the guardians of foreign capital accumulation. On the other hand, this basis of the State was obscured by the installation of a multiple ethnic-party ruling coalition which defined their constituencies by ethnicity . 1 This institutional arrangement was thus erected on the contradiction between the interests of capital in general and the specific interests of the leading class fraction in each coalition party. In the case of the dominant party, UMNO, it was a matter of creating an economic base from their position of political power.

36 They further suggested that preventive detention: ... was merely to prevent a person from acting in a particular way, and from achieving his objectives. It is not punitive, merely preventiveY The Post-Colonial State 35 Such broad terms were used, it was claimed, to counter the potential threat of non-violent subversion and consequently, to pre-empt the revival of a communist insurrection. However, no evidence was provided to suggest that this was a real possibility. Instead, the Alliance justified the change on the grounds that it was commonplace elsewhere in the world.

This dependence on authoritarian mechanisms only became apparent when the Emergency was officially declared over three years later in 1960. 3 The Post-Colonial State Colonialism had established the institutions out of which a smooth transition to formal independence could be made. In terms of macro-economic growth this proved to be successful, but therein lay a number of contradictions which had implications for the shape of the political economy of Independent Malaya. In the following two chapters we will examine these tensions, the basis for their emergence, and the way the State sought to resolve them.

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