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By Lutz Finger

You can degree essentially something within the age of social media, but when you don’t understand what you’re trying to find, gathering mountains of information won’t yield a grain of perception. This non-technical consultant indicates you ways to extract major company worth from large information with Ask-Measure-Learn, a procedure that is helping you ask the ideal questions, degree the appropriate information, after which study from the implications.

Authors Lutz Finger and Soumitra Dutta initially devised the program to aid governments and NGOs sift via volumes of information. With this publication, those specialists supply company managers and analysts with a high-level review of the Ask-Measure-Learn approach, and exhibit particular how you can follow social media analytics to advertising, revenues, public kin, and consumer administration, utilizing examples and case studies.

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Com! ” (see Figure 1-5). Figure 1-5. One-on-one engagement via a community manager Surely one can also “trigger” a situation where “you say it” to “influence” your friends. However, since direct statements of interest are rare, particularly in a publicly watched social network, a more subtle form of marketing often needs to be used. You Like It... To “like” something, in a social media sense, is similar to “saying” that you “like” it, but with two fundamental differences: • The action creates structured data, and is thus easier to understand, while to “say” that you like something is unstructured data and requires some analytical understanding first.

The use of social media can bring unique benefits to marketing campaigns. At the same time, the idealized view that many of its success stories present is not accurate. Thus, what can we measure realistically? This chapter explores three key aspects of social media in marketing: 4. ly/1coTups. MARKETING | 5 • How social media can build brand awareness through measurable quantities such as reach, click-through rates, and consumer engagement levels. • Which approaches to using social media can determine the intent to buy, leading to behavioral and social targeting.

All that information contains “hints” that could be used to impute purchasing intent. But it still seems to not work well yet. The apparent master of current social and behavioral targeting—Facebook—appears to still be worse off than the current best-in-class advertiser, Google. These two channels represent the difference between “searching the Web” (in Google’s case) and “talking within social media” (in Facebook’s case). So, for example, if you are trying to find the highest level of purchasing intent, should you advertise using Google AdWords (which streams your ad in Google based on user search terms) or Facebook?

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