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By Jane Wightwick

This concise, two-in-one ebook offers an obtainable advent to Arabic grammar and a entire clarification of verbs of their a variety of varieties.

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Beckman, Birth Rituals 22, 27 - 8; KBo XXI 22 Rs. ] DHalmassuyiz ar[u~; cf. Neu, Altheth. 3), DAG-/Z (later dupl. XXIX 1 I 2 3 - 2 4 Gl L U G A L - u e - m u maniyahhawen ^hulugannien G I S DAG-/Z arunaza udas 'for me the king Throne has brought from the sea sway [and] chariot'; ibid. I 50, II 11, III 30 g i S D A G - / Z , ibid. I 36 d DAG-/Z; cf. B. S. ] subdu 'seat, base'; cf. g. KUB XVIII 51 + KBo II 6 II 34 d D A G - / / S GUB-is 'Throne rose'; KUB VI 46 II 17; presumably a Luwoid stem-innovation, cf.

Ha-a-li-ya-as (IV 47 Rs. 29 3 häliyas GEpandas 'for the three watches of the night'). haliya- 'to watch', iter, haliyeski-, 1 sg. pres. act. ha-li-e-es-ki-mi {KBo IX 114 III 8 — 9 -]si auriyalas ük ispanti-ma-ssi [usk]imi halieskimi Ί [am] his warder, and at night I guard him [and] watch over him'). ) 'watcher, watchman', nom. sg. LU ha-li-ya-at-tal-la-as {KUΒ XIII 4 III 29; ibid. 2 3 - 2 4 man Lühaliyattal[las] kuedanikki eszi n-as häli paiddu-pat 'if someone has a watchman, let him go to the watch'), nom.

KBo IV 9 III 24 [syntactically acc. g. X X 76 I 7; cf. H. g. KBo X 24 IV 13 - 1 8 EGIR-ann-a huuiyantes lümeS GALA S A L ME& arkammiyales LUGAL-ipiran G1 ^arkammi galgaltüri walhanniskanzi SIR-RU-ma ül 'the cantors [and] harpists, running in front and back of the king, keep striking harps and tambourines but do not sing'), dat. pi. L(JME$hal-li-ya-ri-ya-as (KUB X 26 III 8). Cf. Alp, Beamtennamen 6 0 - 5 ; Daddi, Mestieri 2 2 2 - 7 , 3 0 1 - 3 . The cultic context points to Hattic affinities, as does the nearsynonym Ll}sahtarili-; attestation in early texts also favors Hattic (rather than Luwian-Hurrian) as a possible source.

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