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By Dale Mathers

This hugely unique booklet examines the connection among analytical psychology and which means, examining human agony as coming up from that means issues. utilizing scientific examples - no matter if humans trapped in styles of dependence, being affected by psychosomatic illnesses, or with character difficulties - it indicates how, by way of treating consumers' matters as disasters of the meaning-making approach, you could aid them swap their very own personal own that means. An creation to that means and function in Analytical Psychology will make provocative studying for all these in assisting professions, together with counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists.

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One hot summer day a barefooted boy in a torn vest and dirty jeans knocked on my door, tan face hidden by long dark curls. He held a battered guitar like a teddy bear and had white scars on his brown arms, made at sixteen, when he was expelled from school. ’ Outside his mother waited in a limousine. She’d brought him straight from the Los Angeles ‘plane; he’d been a surf-bum, taking crack daily. A serious suicide attempt (not his first) made his beach buddies ship him home. He said, ‘I don’t have no home,’—he’d live on the street rather than with his family.

The price is remaining between: in a ‘mine field’, a closed egocentric system, with a shadow life where power has replaced love. Persons or things on which one depends have non-negotiable loci of control. Relationships to Self and others are sado-masochistic: rubber and leather may physically enact a ‘contact barrier’, pushing your money (value) through a needle in your arm is a masochistic Selfattack (Cowan 1982:95–114). Rosemary Gordon (1993:274–89) suggests masochism is shadow of the archetype of sacrifice and mirrors the archetype hero/heroine.

He explains murder tops the crime hierarchy, as ultimate crime. A serious suicide attempt at seventeen led him to a therapeutic community, then into Narcotics Anonymous. Success betrayed the street kid he’d been, directed inwards his sense of betraying, and being betrayed by, his family. A session might have been like this: ‘Kids from families like mine ain’t supposed t’ make it,’ he says… Turning from me or anything I say. Been here before… ‘…your kind don’t know fucking shit about what I’ve suf-fered, what 28 INDIVIDUATION I’m going through now…you don’t care, you can’t care.

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