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By E.M. Parker, R.J. Haywood

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4 WEEKFOUR DAY·BY·DAY GUIDE Study 35 minutes a day but if you are keen try 40 ... 45 ... Dayone • Read WE ARE GOING TO EAT. • Listen to/Read WIR GEHEN ESSEN. • Listen to/Read NEW WORDS. Learn the easy ones. DayTwo • Repeat the dialogue. Learn the barder NEW WORDS. • Cut out the FLASH WORDS to help you. Day Three • Learn all NEW WORDS until you know them well. • Read and learn GOOD NEWS GRAMMAR. Day four • Cut out and learn the 10 FLASH SENTENCES. • Listen to/Read LEARN B Y HEART. Day Five • Read SAY IT SIMPLY.

31 ~TEST YOUR PROGRESS Translate these sentences into German, in writing. Before you mark your work check again on the scoring instructions. Enter the result on the Progress Chart and be amazed! You are now halfway home, and it will be getting easier all the time! 1 Can you see a sales assistant? 2 Where can we buy something to eat? 3 When must you (go) to the office today? At seven? How terrible! 4 We saw that yesterday on (in the) television. 5 I believe the shops are now open. 6 Is there a department store here or a centre with shops?

Day Seven I bet you don't want a day oft" ••• but I insist! oN THE MOVE Tom and Kate are now travelling through Bavaria by train, bus and hire car. ter to Heino, the bus driver. At the statio11 Tom Two tickets please to Lake Stamberg. Helga Tom Helga Tom Helga Kate Jim Theteandback? There and what? Can you speak slowly please. There - and - back? Only there, please. When does the train go, and where (from)? Nine forty-five, platform eight. Quick, Tom, here are two seats in the non-smoking. Oh, someone is smoking there.

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