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By Martin Arkowitz, Gregory Lupton (auth.), Carles Broto, Carles Casacuberta, Guido Mislin (eds.)

Central to this choice of papers are new advancements within the basic conception of localization of areas. This box has gone through super switch of past due and is yielding new perception into the mysteries of classical homotopy concept. the current quantity includes the refereed articles submitted on the convention on Algebraic Topology held in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain, in June 1994. a number of accomplished articles on basic localization make clear the fundamental instruments and provides a file at the state-of-the-art within the subject material. The textual content is accordingly obtainable not just to the pro mathematician but in addition to the complex student.

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2. If A is J -local for a set J of primes, then so is AI I B for all B. Proof. This follows when Q @ B-1- 0 since each Q-null quotient of A is J-Iocal. Now let MG = M(G 2, 2) V M(G 3, 3) V ... be an infinite wedge of Moore spaces. Let G n+! = G n+! when G 2, G 3 ... , G n+! are all torsion or when G n+! @ Q -I- 0, and let G n+1 = G n+! EEl Q otherwise. 3. For a space Y E Ho*, there is a natural isomorphism for n <1 Proof. ,n + 1) by [11, Sect. 2. In this theorem, we could replace G n+! by G 2 EEl •..

AZ] D. Arlettaz and P. Zelewski: Divisible homology classes in the special linear group of a number field, preprint. [B1] G. Banaszak: Algebraic K-theory of number fields and rings of integers and the Stickelberger ideal, Ann. of Math. 135 (1992), 325-360. [B2] G. Banaszak: Generalization of the Moore exact sequence and the wild kernel for higher K-groups, Compositio Math. 86 (1993), 281-305. [BG] G. Banaszak and W. Gajda: Euler systems for higher K-theory of number fields, preprint. [BZ] G. Banaszak and P.

Bousfield For simplicity, we work primarily in the pointed homotopy category H 0* of CW-complexes and use the natural free and pointed function complexes, map(X, Y) and map*(X, Y), in Ho*. 1 Nullifications of spaces For spaces W, Y E Ho*, we say that Y is W-null or W-periodic if W -> * induces an equivalence Y ~ map(W, Y). When Y is connected, this just means that map*(W, Y) ~ * or equivalently that [~iW, Y] = * for each i 2': o. A Wnullification or W-periodization of X consists of a map a : X -> X' such that X' is W-null and map(a, Y) : map(X', Y) ~ map(X, Y) for each W-null space Y.

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