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Initiate tape cloning Press PLAY and RECORD on the master End backup Press STOP on the master after backup is complete ✪ 60 Both machines start, RECORD ENABLE indicators on slave machine light solid Both machines stop If a tape is in very bad condition, you may have difficulty copying it from the master to a slave. If there are so many errors that the LX20 momentarily loses sync during playback, all slaves will be taken out of record automatically. In this case, ADAT LX20 Reference Manual Chapter 10 - Multiple LX20/ADAT Operation put the new tape into the master, the damaged tape in the slave, and copy from the slave to the master.

33 Record and Playback Basics - Chapter 4 The reason for these three modes is to take equal advantage of 2, 4 and 8 bus mixing consoles. To select the appropriate Input Mode, hold the ANALOG INPUT button and press one of the RECORD ENABLE buttons (1–8). The blue INPUT indicators, located along the bottom of the display below the VU meters, will illuminate to indicate the selected Input Mode. While holding ANALOG INPUT Press 1 or 2… Press 3 or 4… Press 5, 6, 7 or 8… Result …to select 2-Input Mode.

The following chart summarizes all possible Play button options. If the tape is… Stopped Playing Formatting Locating Pressing Play causes… Playback No change (playback continues) No change (formatting continues) Playback after the locate is complete Locating Pressing PLAY twice stops autolocation and begins playback Punch out, and enter Play mode Recording You see… PLAY button lights steadily PLAY button lights steadily PLAY button lights steadily PLAY light flashes during locate, then stays lit when locate is complete PLAY button lights steadily PLAY button lights steadily RECORD To initiate recording, press RECORD and while holding RECORD, press PLAY.

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