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Chronobiology is the learn of timing mechanisms in organic platforms as different as vegetation, animals and a few micro-organisms. It contains rhythmic phenomena starting from brief interval (ultradian) via day-by-day (circadian) to lengthy interval (monthly, annual) cycles of behaviour, body structure and biochemistry.

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He busied himself with a bottle and glasses. ***** INFORMAL MEMO 130-263 From: Explorations Officer, Sector Nine To: Ecological Officer Subject: Incident Report Enclosed is the file on that recent occurrence on Planet 3-G3-9/4871, consisting of the certificates and statements of the various officers and guardsmen concerned, together with a digest of the interrogation of Elwar Forell, a young planetary native, who appears to have been the instigator. It seems to me that something is seriously wrong with our system of operation, at least on the subject planet.

Most of them are latent —asleep. We can't expect them to walk in—we have to find them. Then we have to wake them up. ” He lit his cigarette, eying Stan thoughtfully. “I suppose you've heard some of the stories that fly around about the Corps. The truth of the matter is, the Senior Agent isn't any superman. ” He held up a finger. “First, he's trouble prone. A nasty situation attracts him much as a flame attracts a moth. “There are a lot of people like that. Most of them are always getting themselves clobbered.

And these, I read. “I did learn that there were powers beyond those of men. I learned that these strange instruments on the table did have strange ability to call forth demons and spirits, but never until that day did I dare touch other than the books and papers. And those I took great care to restore to their original condition. “For three months past, my father's land and the fields of his neighbors have been dry. During this time, there has been no rain, nor hint of rain, and the peasants have cried out for relief.

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