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By Kristen Brustad

The ultimate and such a lot complex quantity of the Al-Kitaab Arabic textbook application, half 3 is meant to aid novices achieve a great point of skillability by way of increasing vocabulary and delivering paragraph-level actions in interpreting, writing, and conversing. greater than thirty real texts through writers from around the Arab global tackle various political, social, spiritual, and literary issues and symbolize more than a few genres, types, and classes. even though the booklet focuses totally on smooth Arabic, classical Arabic texts were integrated into many of the classes to introduce scholars to the continuity of the language all through its historical past. Like earlier books within the sequence, half 3 offers vocabulary-building drills and contextualized reasons of grammar, with workouts designed to push scholars towards self reliant studying. the unique textual content and audio are actually certain jointly in a single quantity in addition to new video fabric on DVD that keeps the tale of Maha and Khalid in Egyptian Arabic, making half 3 a useful textbook and reader. This booklet: courses inexperienced persons to the very best point of talent; strengthens interpreting talents; raises vocabulary acquisition; refines and expands wisdom of sentence constitution and the Arabic verb approach; presents huge writing actions; widens cultural historical past; and contains greater than thirty real texts by way of writers from around the Arab international. Audio tracks were remastered as MP3 records, recorded on one CD, and sure into the booklet. It contains all new video fabric on DVD that keeps the tale of Maha and Khalid. New video fabric keeps guide within the Egyptian dialect.

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