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By Lynn Margulis

During this groundbreaking publication, Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan current a solution to at least one of the long-lasting mysteries of evolution--the resource of inherited edition that offers upward thrust to new species. Random genetic mutation, lengthy believed to be the most resource of version, is barely a marginal issue. because the authors display during this e-book, the extra vital resource of speciation, by means of a ways, is the purchase of latest genomes by way of symbiotic merger. the results of thirty years of delving right into a colossal, as a rule arcane literature, this can be the 1st booklet to head beyond--and demonstrate the critical boundaries of--the "Modern Synthesis" that has ruled evolutionary biology for nearly 3 generations. Lynn Margulis, whom E. O. Wilson referred to as "one of the main profitable artificial thinkers in sleek biology," and her co-author Dorion Sagan have written a accomplished and scientifically supported presentation of a concept that without delay demanding situations the assumptions we carry in regards to the number of the residing international.

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