Download A Servo Controlled Electro-Optic Modulator for cw Laser by Joel B. Fowler, Michael A, Lind, Edward F. Zalewski PDF

By Joel B. Fowler, Michael A, Lind, Edward F. Zalewski

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For the exact format, for example, the use of numbers or symbols and the order of symbols, you should, as I have mentioned, refer to your target journal. The examples that I have given are intended solely to alert you to the numerous footnotes that can sometimes appear on the title page of a manuscript. ,” although sources of funding usually appear in the Acknowledgments at the end of each paper. 5 Key words To facilitate the indexing of published papers, it is generally necessary for the author to supply a list of the key words in his paper.

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These examples also demonstrate the versatility of a carefully composed title. 6 Inclusion of references in the Abstract In general, it is better to avoid the inclusion of references in an Abstract since the Abstract should be able to stand entirely alone, without reference to other materials. Moreover, if you cite previously published papers appropriately in the main body of the paper, it is usually unnecessary to include references in the Abstract. If it is absolutely essential to refer to a previously published paper in the Abstract, you must provide the full reference to that paper in the Abstract even when you cite the reference in the main text of your paper; for example, “Confirming the results of the groundbreaking analysis of the effects of banana skins on the frequency of falls in an urban environment by Berle et al.

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