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For more examples of vowel length, see KM 8-9. When a one-syllable phrase ends in a vowel, that vowel is automatically lengthened, so that when I cited in isolation the words si 'poem' and si 'city' are identically /sii/. The automatic lengthening disappears when the word is part of a longer phrase: si to 'poem too', si to 'city too'. This kind of lengthening is ignored by all the orthographies and most of the linguistic descriptions. ) He Wung (1965:89) points out some length alternations in verb forms.

Nita poykkeyssumnita 'I will see you'. yang; ... Sometimes a final ···ng is dropped: the hapsung Gitney) boys in 1960 Seoul would call out siche! for sicheng 'City Hall'. In those days when you left a Seoul restaurant you might hear a cordial A(n)nye kapsye! for Annyeng hi kapsio! 'Good-bye, sir'. 4) > kante(yo) 'cut it out (= stop); let ,it go (at that)'. 2. Vowel length variants. Vowel length is distinctive in Korean, and the long vowel can be considered as a string of two identical short vowels.

Since most cases of lax obstruent + reinforced obstruent (kpp, ... ) are the result of juxtaposing two basic lax obstruents (-k + p-, ... ), the default Hankul spelling is ···k­ P"' ( ... ) for ALL cases of /kpp/ ( ... ) except when the second element is clearly a form that has a basic shape with initial pp·.. ( ... ). The string /yakpalle/ can represent both yak palle 'applies medicine' and yak-ppalle 'is shrewd and quick'. ko ppalle /yakko( )ppalle/ 'is shrewd and is quick'. As in other cases where morphophonemic decisions are called for, Koreans sometimes get confused and misspell words, either in the morphophonemically safer direction (-kp-, ...

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