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Half literary feedback, half media research, and half advertising guide, A Poetics of Resistance offers a refreshingly new tackle the Zapatistas. whereas a lot has been written at the heritage of the Zapatista insurgency and at the communiqu?s of Subcomandante Marcos, little or no has been acknowledged approximately Zapatismo: the ideologies, organizing methodologies, and communications innovations of the circulate. The attraction of the Zapatistas, and their survival, has as a lot to do with their objectives as with the compelling and wildly potent language and aesthetics they’ve used to show their imaginative and prescient. Weaving jointly assorted components of poetics and symbolism, Zapatismo has emerged as anything completely new: a resolutely radical public family crusade for human liberation.The first “postmodern revolution” offered itself to the area via a fancy and evolving internet of propaganda, utilizing a variety of media: the colourful communiqu?s of Marcos; the ski mask, uniforms, toy dolls, and different accoutrements of the rebel or sympathizer; and work of art, songs, and different renowned cultural kinds. utilizing persuasive exposure, myths, and emblems, the Zapatistas either communicated their message and built a transparent aesthetic which could include many messages right away and self-replicate on a world scale. Jeff Conant bargains an attractive and cutting edge software for organizers and educators to appreciate how the Zapatistas' technique works, and to proceed constructing and refining their potent messages of participatory, bottom-up revolution.Jeff Conant is a author and activist within the San Francisco Bay sector and the writer of A neighborhood advisor to Environmental future health.

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1� Poetic resistance-the resistance of language against the oblivion of silence-has been a part of indigenous survival for the last five centuries-the fiery blooming of flowers from the hardened soil. A poetics of resistance develops around stories and histories, fables and fabrics and old wives' tales, songs and symbols, all of the poetic out­ fitting that keeps a culrure alive, that gives it memory and hope; it is the armature ofhelief, the means hy which h istory i s spelled Ollt day hy clay becoming cuirure, becoming memory, becoming codes of action handed down by gods, heroes and saints.

Conant, Jeff (Author). Poetics of Resistance : The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency. Oakland, CA, USA: AK Press, 2010. p xxxii. id=10409128&ppg=32 Absent his role as military propagandist for the EZLN, Marcos as auteur barely exists. The writings of Subcomandante Marcos, filled as they are with na­ tive voices, hybrid styles, and demanding, sometimes mystitying content, have not been embraced by any literary establishment, in Mexico or else­ where, and it will undoubtedly be long after his death (or perhaps not so long, given the hungry proclivities of the culture industry) that his work gains significant recognition m literature.

Their presence as living people after a five-hundred-year war of attrition means they have resisted and are resisting still. We arc here because we resist, they arc telling us; our being here means resistance; if we didn't resist, we wouldn't be here. "Aqui estamos! Resistimosf' For the indigenous Zapatistas, resistance is a strategy for cultural survival. In biology, resistance is the ability of a living thing to adapt and protect itself from eradication. We hear about plants that are resistant to Conant, Jeff (Author).

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