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By Robert A. Caper

This choice of papers, written during the last six years through Robert Caper, specializes in the significance of distinguishing self from item in mental development.

Robert Caper demonstrates the significance this mental disentanglement performs within the healing impact of psychoanalysis.

In doing so he demonstrates what differentiates the perform of psychoanalysis from psychotherapy; whereas psychotherapy goals to ease the sufferer in the direction of "good psychological healthiness" via cautious recommendation; psychoanalysis permits the sufferer to find him/herself, with the self fully distinct from folks and different objects.

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He had briefly considered using this countertransference as the basis of an interpretation about the patient’s sense of inadequacy vis-à-vis himself, and his envy of the analyst’s abilities, but he rejected this idea because he felt that it would have meant that he was being a spoil-sport, enviously denying the patient’s good weekend experience, and this made him feel too guilty to make the interpretation. In other words, the projection ruled the day, and the analyst felt that to interpret it would have only been to reveal his own envy of the patient.

In the second phase, the patient becomes aware, through the interpretation of the transference, that these characteristics belong in reality not to the analyst, but to himself, or rather, his own internal world. ) A mutative interpretation helps the patient to see the analyst as a real external object, and at the same time allows him to recognize a previously unrecognized aspect of his internal object world. These two developments are really just two aspects of the same thing: an undoing of the patient’s confusion between his inner and outer worlds, which permits a clearer view of both.

The therapist maintains the fiction of himself as only a good object by encouraging the patient to displace the role of bad object onto someone else in the patient’s life, to the detriment of the patient’s relationships with his external objects. Even more serious is the effect of suggestion on the patient’s ego and internal object world. The split in the therapeutic relationship corresponds to, or, rather, is a manifestation of, a split in the patient’s mind between his good and bad internal objects.

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