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By Julio Cortazar

His first political novel.

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A Manual for Manuel

His first political novel.

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Rather it is a key concept to explain everyday life and to help us understand the habits that organize the behavior of different social sectors, their mechanisms of adherence to hegemonic culture or group difference, of subordination or resistance. Even if, as we have seen, the concept of cultural consumption arises out of a particular historical context, scholars soon began to use it to rethink earlier historical moments. Several key texts of Latin American cultural studies follow this paradigm.

Mediations both in production and consumption resignify the cultural, artistic, and intellectual fields. Between the 1980s and 1990s, in addition to large urban studies such as Landi’s, other studies addressed cultural consumption in medium-sized cities such as Córdoba, Santa Fe, Paraná, Mar del Plata, and Mendoza, all in Argentina. This research confirmed that inhabitants of those cities were especially receptive to the incorporation of new technologies, such as cable TV and video, in the home.

In political terms, this translates as war, conquest, colonization, and, when it becomes untenable, as genocide (Todorov). Poetry has grappled with the issue of otherness. In Rimbaud’s words “Je est un autre” the object rules over the grammatical subject; the subject becomes a hostage to the object. The grammatical hierarchy is altered, the subject can no longer be distinguished from the object; this poetic expression results in the emergence of the intersubjective within subjectivity itself.

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