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Chronobiology is the learn of timing mechanisms in organic platforms as diversified as crops, animals and a few micro-organisms. It comprises rhythmic phenomena starting from brief interval (ultradian) via day-by-day (circadian) to lengthy interval (monthly, annual) cycles of behaviour, body structure and biochemistry.

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303–332. John Benjamins, Amsterdam. Barbiers, S. (1995). The Syntax of Interpretation. D. Dissertation University of Leiden. The Hague, HAG. Barbiers, S. (2003). Obligatory focus scrambling. Paper presented at the Workshop for Comparative Germanic Syntax at Durham. , and van der Ham, M. (2005). Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects, volume 1. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam. Barbiers, S. (2005a). Word order variation in three-verb clusters and the division of labour between generative linguistics and sociolinguistics.

O. (1993). The Internal Structure of Noun Phrases in the Scandinavian Languages: A Comparative Study. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Lund. Emonds, J. (1976). A Transformational Approach to English Syntax: Root, StructurePreserving and Local Transformations. Academic Press, New York. Erb, M. C. (2001). Finite Auxiliaries in German. D. Dissertation, University of Tilburg. b¸ Fanselow, G. and Cavar, D. (2001). Distributed deletion. In Universals of Language: Proceedings of the 1999 GLOW Colloqium (A.

Ta ghe de gnì a te. (Malonno (BG)) you have to come also you You have to come along as well. Al pi al mangia al pom. the boy he eats an apple The boy is eating the apple. Vargu al rierà n ritardo. a somebody he will-arrive late Somebody will arrive late. Le fomne che le neta le scale e e ndade via. the women that they clean the stairs they have gone away The women who clean the stairs have gone. This type of data is rarely taken into account, because implicational scales are not easily built into a generative grammar.

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