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You will need the main directory on the CD-ROM. The sources are not needed since they are available from the FTP site. Some distributions also come with ISO images of their CD-ROM. This is a single file that can be put onto a CD-ROM, and will create a full file system with files on it. One thing you have to be careful is not to copy commercial programs. The basic CD-ROM where the Linux distribution is located is composed of free software. But some distributions may come with other commercial programs, and you should read the license first.

The file lists all the key codes and what they do. The key codes for the Win95 special keys are LWIN, RWIN and MENU. All you need to do is add them to the list, with the functions for them. I decided to map the left WIN key to "@" and the right WIN key and MENU keys to "{" and "}". Here are the lines I added: key { [ braceleft ] }; key { [ at ] }; key

{ [ braceright ] }; By browsing the file you can find all the other symbols and what they do. You can also add multiple functions to a key, by using ALT and SHIFT.

The root account, and other system accounts should be in that file. The file /etc/ftpaccess is a bit more complex and controls the behaviour of the FTP server. It tells it what to use as README file to display on a directory listing, what kind of logs to create and what messages to display. Note that if you create an anonymous FTP area, you will need to read the FTP man page and do exactly what it tells you to avoid possible security risks. 30 100 Linux Tips and Tricks 31 Hardware What this chapter covers Hardware support has once been a very big problem with Linux.

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